Tessa, 18, INFJ, USA.
I really like films and tv. I get far too emotionally attached to fictional characters.

My makeup was slaying today. Gratuitous selfies ensued.

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Homeland: Season 4 - First Look

hey guys, i’m headed to south carolina for a week so i may not be as active here, but i will try to pop in and out with my phone :)

He was acutely aware of the multiple dimensions of HIV spanning science to society and had a heart of gold. This is a huge loss for the field

When MH17 went down, it took with it Joep Lange one of the world’s most brilliant AIDS researchers (via micdotcom)

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I dyed my tips red! I absolutely love my hair now :)

Germany were crowned world champions for the fourth time as Mario Gotze’s extra-time winner beat Argentina in the 2014 World Cup final.

The FIFA World Cup 2014 Statistics 

The USMNT in Brazil so far

"we’re not having an affair"
bill masters? more like bullshit master